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On a roll!

Last weekend we announced that 3 full ZIP codes had the apartments mapped. This weekend we can announce all of these are done: 74132, 74037, 74133, 74137, 74145, 74134, 74011, 74012, 74014, 74008, 74108 and 74146.

If you're not sure where all those places are, let's put it this way: you can find nearly every apartment south of I44 from Jenks to Bixby to Broken Arrow


Three Complete ZIP areas done

Everything in 74133, 74108 and 74137 is complete! This is a huge chunk of South Tulsa available. 74108 really isn't that much, though. In square miles, it's the biggest ZIP area in the region, it only has 4 apartments... and one of those is still under construction.

... and soon?

Since there are only a handful of maps to complete in the 74136 area, everything south of 51st and between the river and Broken Arrow will be covered this week. The 74135 and 74105 areas are busy areas and most of those are done

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!


74133 Done!

We're happy to announce that all the apartments in the 74133 ZIP code area are in the system. We hope to announce more completed this weekend


Another Update

We've spent the last few days working on ways to make the lookup process far more streamlined and accurate. The decision to have separate building and apartment number fields (for places that might have identical apartment numbers but different building number) was actually a bad one. The natural way to look for 1313 Mockingbird Lane apartment 11 is to ask for 1313 11 and not split entries of 1313 and 11. Search is now simplified accordingly.

Without getting into the technicalities, the map images are now displayed with a more powerful and correct method. It's now possible to take the somewhat boring images and give them a little more life. Yes, it's true that you just want to get the place to make the delivery. But admit that a little bling in your car and your apps makes life a little happier.

New Logo

A family member who is a professional designer contributed a logo suggestion and it was far more fitting to the name and theme of the website. We will be using the new logo from now on.

Behind the Scenes

This site is designed to be simple and quick. No unnecessary pushing and poking to find what you need to know. However, the simplicity is because of complexity in finding and mapping the apartments. We have amassed a set of tools to let us find sanity in apartment ordering madness. For example, we got some requests for building numbering. Our first manual attempts at this added 20 minutes to the already lengthy process. However, a little scripting made that a 30 second process. So expect to see building sequence numbers added.

Give us a hand

We still need more testers. Our current plan is to knock out full ZIP code regions at a time. If you know other drivers, flash them the QR Code; it's at the bottom of the page. This can also be a help for first responders, too. Help them out if you can.



There is an update today. The most visible change is for the search in few complexes, notably The Courtyards of Tulsa. The Courtyards had to be divided into two parts. Why? Duplicate addresses inside the complex. The Courtyards even has two entirely different numbering schemes. While the apartments themselves are built to strict government standards, there clearly are no standards for apartment numbers. Apartment numbers seem to have been created by people who are drunks, psychos or sadists.

To solve problems with duplicates, we've revised the mapping format a little to account for regions. The Links turned out to be a special problem. Not only did every building have duplicated apartment numbers, it turned out there were duplicate building numbers on Links Blvd. If you try The Links now, there is now a selection for either Links Blvd or all the other apartments.