About yougogogo.

So what's this all about?

It's pretty simple: This is a tool for delivery drivers and emergency personnel to help them find apartments. There's nothing worse than spending more time cruising an apartment complex's parking lot than it took to get a hot meal to the complex in the first place!

What does it cost?

We are still in beta test mode and building maps. Pricing is to be determined. Expect discounts for longer terms, entire delivery businesses and our great first responders.

Why aren't some apartments listed

The most likely reason some apartments aren't listed is that we have not surveyed a specific postal area yet. On occasion, a map slips in from an un-surveyed region and other locations nearby are not yet included.

Also, certain living communities are not in our map collection simply because they are already addressed by local government. These locations have regular addresses that can be found using conventional GPS

Why is apartment numbering so messy?

We've made some jokes about secret cadres of people who number apartments just to frustrate delivery and maintenance people. Most likely the building numbers were simply added to an architect's drawing depending on how the drawing was oriented at the time. Buildings can get similarly numbered strangely. It might seem perfectly reasonable to start numbering buildings the way we read: left to right, top to bottom. The numberer isn't really thinking about how it is on ground when you're looking for building 19 and you drive slowly past 16, 17 and 18 only to find that the next building is number 28 and the one you want is at the other end of the complex.

But the bottom line is, when you have a city, cities have a panel of planners who give the city organized and consistent addresses. When architects put together a series of buildings, there is no limit to creativity... and no limit to how they can number them. Even though the vast majority of apartments have a clear scheme, they will all have a little different scheme than the one on the block.

This is why we have your back.